The IJA celebrated our ‘National Treasure’, Mrs. Ushioda, at a Book Launch

The Ireland Japan Association (IJA) celebrated our ‘National Treasure’, Mrs. Ushioda, at a Book Launch on Tuesday, April 17th 2018.

The IJA hosted a very special event to celebrate the launch of memoirs by our founding member, Mrs. Yoshiko Ushioda – Caring for Japanese Art at the Chester Beatty Library. My Half-Century in Dublin.

The story begins in 1960, when she traveled from Tokyo with her young son to join her husband, a research-fellow at University College Dublin. Beginning as a volunteer at the Chester Beatty Library in 1970, she would go on to become curator and accompany masterpieces loaned by The Chester Beatty Library to special exhibitions all around the world. Both inspiring and heartfelt, Mrs. Ushioda’s memoir will be of interest to both lovers of Japanese Art and those interested in Irish-Japanese relations.

Mrs. Yoshiko Ushioda | Photo: Embassy of Japan in Ireland

Ushioda-sensei was born in 1931 in Mito, Japan, and moved to Dublin in 1960. In 1970, she began volunteering at the Chester Beatty Library, and was promoted to curator of the Japanese Arts Collection in 1980. She retired in 1996, and currently lives in Dublin with her husband. Mrs. Ushioda is also a founder member of the IJA.

The lunch was attended by long standing IJA Members, who each gave a brief synopsis on their first introduction and relationship with Mrs. Ushioda. Her passion for Ireland and Japanese art in Ireland was clearly evident. She was even described as a ‘National Treasure’ by one member, which was later confirmed by Ms. Midori Yamamitsu of the Embassy of Japan in Ireland.

Book can be purchased at the Chester Beatty Library, online and at major booksellers across Ireland.