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Dr. and Mrs. Ushioda Scholarship in 2021 is awarded to Francis Donnelly

The Ireland Japan Association is honoured to announce that in 2021 the Ushioda Scholarship is awarded to Francis Donnelly, studying for BA in Applied Languages, University of Limerick. Francis is planning to go to Nagoya University of Foreign Studies to continue Japanese studies during autumn semester next year.

‘I’m studying Japanese because I find both the country and the language fascinating. Japanese is a language that is enjoyable to learn and very rewarding when put into practice, and learning it is a nice change of pace from the European languages we typically focus on in Ireland. I’m hoping to study in Nagoya, where I aim to increase my proficiency in the language while also experiencing and learning about Japanese culture and history.’ – Francis Donnelly
We would like to thank Ms Paula Kelly, IJA Council, and Ms Barbara Geraghty, UL, for their support and assistance with the scholarship management and administration process this year.
Dr. and Mrs. Ushioda Scholarship was established in 2019 in honour of Dr. and Mrs. Ushioda’s major contribution to the development of the Ireland Japan Association and Ireland-Japan relations, and to underpin the association’s strong commitment to supporting Japanese studies in Ireland.

Japanese Studies in a global context: “The art of friendship” (Symposium)

International Japanese Studies Symposium: Japanese Studies in a global context ‘The art of friendship’ that is taking place from 30th November – 2nd December 2017 in Dublin, seeks to open up the field of Japanese arts, humanities and social sciences research within a comparative, international perspective.

Co-organised by Osaka University and Trinity College Dublin, it explores key aspects of contemporary Japanese Studies from the late Meiji period to the present day, and seeks to foster closer relationships between Japanese and Irish researchers of Japan.

Featuring guest speakers from the Graduate School of Letters at Osaka University along with scholars from University College Cork, University College Dublin, the University of Limerick, Dublin City University and Trinity College, this symposium will be launched with a keynote presentation by artist, translator and scholar Peter MacMillan.

This event is free of charge and open to the public. All talks will take place in the Neill Theatre, Trinity Long Room Hub. This symposium is part of a series of activities taking place in Trinity College in 2017, marking the 60th anniversary of Japan-Ireland diplomatic relations.

The full symposium programme is available here.