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Experience Japan 2022 | Join the celebrations of Hanami Festival!

Experience Japan festival will be returning to the wonderful Farmleigh House, Phoenix Park, Dublin on Sunday, 10th April to celebrate traditional Hanami or Cherry Blossom festival with lots of Japanese music and dance performances, martial arts, cosplay and kimono displays, delicious Japanese food, and demonstrations of Japanese culture and traditions.
All events are free and everybody is welcome!
The programme of Experience Japan festival has been published and it is packed with amazing events for everyone to enjoy! 


Dublin Bus Route 37 will drop you at Castleknock Gate (stop number 1669).

Enter Phoenix Park and take the narrow pedestrian path to your immediate right. Walk down this path until you reach the road, and turn right to see the gates of Farmleigh. This is about a 15 minute walk. On a rainy day, it may be muddy and a longer route along roads may be preferred.


Farmleigh is inside the Phoenix Park.  There are 300 free car spaces on site.

We encourage all festival goers to prioritise the parking needs of people with access or mobility issues, and take public transport wherever possible.

It will not be possible to park on White’s Road as Garda traffic restrictions will be in place. Please be wary of sat-nav! There is a 5-7 minute walk from Farmleigh car park to the House, Gallery and Gardens. Full driving directions are here.


There are several Dublin Bike stations close to the shuttle bus stop on Parkgate Street.


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Katori Shinto Ryu: Swordsmanship in an Age of Battle

We are delighted to support UCD Japan Fair 2021 this year and invite you to an online webinar ‘Katori Shinto Ryu: Swordsmanship in an Age of Battle‘.

Join Aidan O’Reilly as he talks about Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu – the oldest martial art in Japan that speaks of an older, more pragmatic and frequently violent period in Japanese history.

Date: Thursday, 21st October 2021
Time: 1 PM
Registration is required: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/katori-shinto-ryu-swordsmanship-in-an-age-of-battle-tickets-179192669097?aff=ebdsoporgprofile


Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu is the oldest extent martial art in Japan and speaks of an older, more pragmatic and frequently violent period in Japanese history. Through examining some of the techniques and being mindful of the period in which it developed, we can formulate a unique insight into the Sengoku Jidai, the period of the warring states in Japan. This period, where power was so frequently expressed at the point of a sword, is often one of contradictions and surprises, which can be seen through the study of koryu and the history of the great lords and their machinations.

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu is a sogobujutsu, a martial art intended to provide all the techniques required for a bushi to survive in this confrontational period. Armoured combat, with a variety of weapons, as well as iaijutsu, the art of drawing the sword to defend against a sudden attack, are indicative of the period, as well as having their individual points that can reveal much about the time, provided there is a proper understanding of their context.

Guest Speaker: Aidan O’Reilly, member of the Koryu Budo Seifukai

Aidan has been studying martial arts in various forms for over twenty years. He completed a master’s degree in Military History and Strategic studies in 2009 and has given numerous talks and presentations on an eclectic range of topics at a wide range of events.

In 2012 he was introduced to one of the few legitimate examples of koryu in Ireland, literally, old school martial arts from Japan. His interest and understanding of this subject matter has continued to expand since this fortuitous first introduction. He continues to train and learn to this day, and frequently travels to Europe to train as well build better connections to the wider European koryu community.

Aidan is a member of the Koryu Budo Seifukai, based in Switzerland, under whose tutelage he studies Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. He is also a member of the Shuto Ku Kai, through the Belgian Branch, of Jikishinkage Ryu Naginatajutsu with whom he trains as diligently as possible also.

For more information and to register: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/katori-shinto-ryu-swordsmanship-in-an-age-of-battle-tickets-179192669097?aff=ebdsoporgprofile


This event is jointly organised by UCD Centre for Japanese Studies & UCD Japan and supported by Ireland Japan Association, Experience Japan, SMBC Aviation Capital and UCD Japanese Society.

Experience Japan Festival 2018 is here!

This weekend bring your friends, your family, your kids, your dogs (on leads!) and your picnics to Farmleigh, Phoenix Park, Dublin for Experience Japan 2018!

This year festival organizers have promised Japanese and Irish music and dance on the main stage, traditional and modern Japanese cultural activities around the park, martial arts displays, activities for kids and a wide range of food from Japanese restaurants.

Ready to Experience Japan?

Less than a month to go til our Festival Day on 23 April!

Posted by Experience Japan on Monday, March 27, 2017

If you are a fan of Japanese martial arts, come along to see three karate groups, three swords groups and two ‘throws’ groups demonstrate their skills on martial arts stage.

Love fashion? There’s a great exhibition of Irish and Japanese womenswear in Farmleigh Gallery, contrasting and linking the outlooks of Japan and Ireland. You can visit exhibition on the festival day, more information about it can be found here.

Who’s hungry? Experience Japan is delighted to welcome back some old friends and some new so you can enjoy the best Japanese food and experience also the taste of Japan. Look out for stalls from some of Ireland’s top Japanese food suppliers Yamamori Noodles, Oishii Foods, Wa Cafe, Kokoro Sushi Bento, Asia Market, Musashi Noodles & Sushi Bar, Fused by Fiona Uyema and more.

How to get there? Experience Japan Festival is held in the beautiful grounds of Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park. Dublin Bus will provide a FREE RETURN SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE to the Festival Day in Farmleigh on Sunday 22 April 2018. The service will be greatly expanded this year with 15 buses running between stop 7078 on Parkgate Street and the Chesterfield roundabout just outside Farmleigh. Buses will run between 11:30am and 6pm. Please note that car access is extremely limited. You can find more information here.

More information, full festival programme and useful tips can be found here!

Photos & video: experiencejapan.ie

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