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Participants needed | Survey of Japanese expatriates stationed in English-speaking countries

WizWe Corporation, which develops and operates a habituation platform, conducted a survey at the start of a joint research with Professor Mitsuhide Shiraki of the Transnational HRM Research Institute of Waseda University, “Survey research on English utilization ability and performance of Japanese overseas dispatchers”.

WizWe currently is conducting the survey to measure the English ability and business performance of Japanese expatriates, who are seconded to subsidiaries from Japan to other countries. WizWe is looking for companies who would be interested to cooperate.

For companies that cooperated in the survey, WizWe will provide a free research result report on the relationship between the English proficiency of overseas dispatchers and local business performance.

1. The purpose of this survey:
To evaluate the relationship between English proficiency and the business performance of Japanese expatriates. We have a hypothesis that there might be a relation between these two and would like to investigate the reality of the Japanese expatriates. The result will be kept anonymous and utilised for our research to contribute to many Japanese companies’ global business strategy by giving proposals and actual solutions of corporate education.

2. Survey respondents’ profiles:

  1. Japanese expatriates working in subsidiaries outside Japan and using English at their workplaces. Locally
    employed Japanese employees are NOT included.
  2. Their colleagues who know the business performance and English proficiency of the Japanese expatriates
    above such as those who supervise them, are supervised by them or are working together in the same
    project. All nationalities are welcome if they can read English.

3. The necessary steps to execute a survey:
The two separated steps are provided to Japanese expatriates and their colleagues described in 2. Survey respondents’ profiles;

  1. For Japanese expatriates

There are three types of survey and test for Japanese expatriates: Behaviour competency survey and two English tests for this survey.

    1. Behaviour competency survey to evaluate their working performance at the subsidiaries outside Japan. It will take around 10 mins per person.
    2. English tests with CASEC to evaluate listening and reading skills (40 mins) and VERSANT to measure speaking skills (20 mins). All the licenses and instructions will be provided by WizWe.
  1. For their colleagues

Only the Behaviour competency survey is for their colleagues.

    1. Behaviour competency survey to evaluate their working performance at the subsidiaries outside Japan. It will take around 10 mins per person. This survey will be provided in both Japanese and English.

4. The period of the survey: until the end of July 2021

5. How to apply for the survey:
There are two ways to apply for the survey. We kindly ask you to be coordinated respondents of your company or organisation by a representative such as an HR department. We will come back to you shortly after the application is accepted. Application deadline: May 31, 2021 (Monday).

  1. Website application form (JP)
    The application form is available at the bottom of the URL below;
  2. Email (JP/EN)
    Please email to research@wizwe.co.jp and hamada@wizwe.co.jp with the information below;
    – Name of a representative of the survey in your company or organisation
    – Email of the person
    – Phone number of the person
    – Number of the research respondents in your company or organisation

6. Reward
We will provide the result of this survey in September 2021. Companies with over 10 pairs of respondents for this survey will be given the original analysis within the companies in addition to the overall result.

If you have any enquiries, please contact Mariko Hamada, WizWe Corporation: hamada@wizwe.co.jp 

For more information: https://www.smarthabit.net/ja/waseda-uni-transnational-human-resource-management_2021_2

Institute for Transnational Human Resource Management is a Waseda University project established in October
2008 which aims to research and advise human resources management departments in transnational enterprises in

WizWe is a private company to support corporate education and school education by providing multiple
language training and global training programmes.